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This is what’s gonna happen in S4 and you can’t convince me otherwise. (x)

#it looks like they could be lecturing Henry/future children #and Killian’s just like listen to your mother kids


are u picking up what i’m putting down

i’m not saying new main couple i’m just saying new main couple


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Le Fangirls


2.06: Don’t touch me.


3x12: Eh, you’re not so bad.


4x01: You think I’m gorgeous, you want to kiss me, you want to hug me, you want to love me…


Anónimo Asked:
"Norman and Melissa have been shooting together for weeks!" You do realize that weeks of shooting equals maybe 2, 3 episodes at the most right? And that in those episodes Gimple has confirmed that Carol is helping Daryl look for Beth. Him and Carol aren't off on some romantic getaway, they're looking for the girl that broke through daryl dixons walls. Get over yourselves. Even Norman has admitted he ships Bethyl and calls Beth Daryl's sunshine.

My answer:


Dear cowardly anon,

Sorry for the very late reply.  I wanted to be as thorough as possible in my response.  It became quite a lengthy response.  Anyway, here we go:

You said “Norman and Melissa have been shooting together for weeks”  You do realize that weeks of shooting equals maybe 2, 3 episodes at the most right?”

1)  Daryl and Beth had 2-3 episodes together last season and bethylers went crazy over it.  It’s hypocritical to turn around and criticize carylers for being excited about the very same thing in season 5.  Secondly, that’s still 2 or 3 episodes more that Carol and Daryl are confirmed to be shooting together, as opposed to no confirmed shootings of Daryl and Beth together.  So there’s that.

You said “Gimple confirmed that Carol is helping Daryl look for Beth.”

2)  I’m not sure if you read what I wrote before (or perhaps you just can’t read well), but I never said that Daryl and Carol weren’t looking for Beth.  On the contrary, I do think they’re looking for her.  Unlike you, I don’t assume it’s a fact that Daryl is looking for Beth because he’s in love with her (because there is no definitive, indisputable proof to back up that assertion).  I think he’s looking for her because he’s a decent human being, because he never likes leaving family behind if he has a way to find them, and because he did develop a closer bond to Beth than he had before (though not necessarily a romantic one).

"Him and Carol aren’t off on some romantic getaway, they’re looking for the girl that broke through Daryl Dixon’s walls"

3)  *Chuckles*  When did I say that Daryl and Carol were on a romantic getaway?  I didn’t.  

4)  Concerning your statement about Beth breaking down Daryl’s walls, perhaps you haven’t been watching The Walking Dead all the way through.  Not that Beth breaking down some walls wasn’t significant, but Carol was breaking down those walls long before Beth (and arguably Carol made it easier for Beth to break down walls because of the progress that Carol made with Daryl). Norman himself has mentioned Carol’s influence on his character (especially in season 2) when he said this during the Gold Derby interview:  “He felt comfortable enough to express certain things that he had inside that he probably would have kept inside if he hadn’t met somebody like her [Carol]”  Anyway, here are some examples of Carol breaking down that wall first:

  • Daryl Dixon coming to Carol to give her a Cherokee rose to give her hope that Sophia was still alive.  This is the very first instance of Daryl showing empathy to ANYONE in the group.
  • In “Chupacabra” Carol tells Daryl that he’s as good of a man as Rick for what he did to try to find her little girl.  Then in “Pretty Much Dead Already,” when an injured Daryl intends to leave on horseback to keep searching, Carol goes to him to try to prevent him from “going out there and getting hurt or worse.”  I’d like to point out that Carol was the only one looking out for Daryl’s welfare at this point.  Not Beth (who had absolutely no interaction with Daryl in season 2), not Rick, not Lori, not Shane, not Dale, NO ONE ELSE.  When Carol told Daryl that she couldn’t lose him too, Daryl became angry and called her a bitch before stalking off.  Later in that episode, Daryl fetched Carol to show her a bush of Cherokee roses and he apologized for the way he acted earlier that day.  That was the first time that Daryl ever apologized to anyone for acting like an asshole to them.
  • In “Pretty Much Dead Already” when Sophia came out of the barn and Carol started running towards her, Daryl was the only one even thinking about preventing Carol from running to her zombified daughter.  From Daryl’s prior interactions, we know that he is adverse to physical touching.  However, he still holds onto Carol to prevent her from running to Sophia.  He even continues to hold her after Rick shoots Sophia.
  • In the “Nebraska,” Daryl is still holding onto Carol as she’s crying and tries to bring her to her feet.  Daryl, who we’ve already established has issues with physical touching.  Daryl, who hates dealing with his own emotions and other people’s emotions.  And yet he lets those walls down for a brief period of time so that he can get Carol to her feet and presumably try to lead her away from the sight of her dead daughter on the ground.
  • After Daryl gets Carol to her feet and Carol pushes him away, Daryl ends up going to the RV just to sit with her.  It’s not too much of a stretch to assume that he’s there to try to be a comforting presence after the horrific sight that she saw (especially when he was the one trying to give her so much hope that they would find Sophia alive).  The fact that Daryl goes out of his way to be there to comfort her is a huge moment in character-development for Daryl.  It’s established that Daryl hated dealing with emotions of any kind.  And yet, he lets that wall down for a brief period of time to show that he cares about her and he cares about what an emotional blow this is for Carol.
  • After Carol refuses to go to the funeral for Sophia, Daryl is hurt and puts up his emotional walls again.  He drags his tent away from the farm and away from the rest of the group.  Carol is the only one who goes to see Daryl to try to talk him out of pulling away from the group.  Lori goes to see Daryl, but not to make sure he doesn’t pull away.  Her ulterior motive for going to see him was to ask Daryl to look for Rick.  There’s no indication whatsoever at that time that Beth made any attempt to check on Daryl or that she even cared about his existenceIt was Carol who was looking out for Daryl at that time.  She went to Daryl’s camp, saw the zombie ears, and then Daryl confronted her.  She said, “I’m not going to let you pull away.  You’ve earned your place.”  That’s when Daryl goes on a rant, letting out the anger and the hurt he’s feeling after what he perceives as his failure to find Sophia alive.  At one point, Daryl even goes to strike Carol, but he stops when she flinches.  Norman said in a behind-the-scenes video that at that moment, he sees the look in Carol’s eye and he realizes that he doesn’t want to hit her because he’s been in that position before:  the position of being afraid that someone is going to hit you.  This is another huge moment for Daryl’s character-development (and for Carol’s).
  • After the confrontation between Carol and Daryl (when Daryl nearly strikes Carol), Rick, Hershel, and Glenn have returned with Randall.  At that point, Rick is telling the group in Hershel’s house about Randall.  At first, everyone is there except for Daryl.  But then Daryl enters the house, and the first thing he does is look at Carol and nod and give her a half smile.  Arguably, this was Daryl’s attempt to apologize for the cruel things that he said to her the night before and to show that he was not completely pulling away from the group.
  • By season 3, there are some noticeable changes in Daryl.  He softens considerably between seasons 2 and 3.  It’s not a stretch to say that Carol played a pivotal role in these changes.  (Norman himself said that Daryl would have been very different had he not met Carol.)  On top of the bus with Carol, Daryl offers to massage Carol’s shoulder when he saw that it was bothering her.  Carol didn’t ask him to do it, and from the look on her face when he first touches her shoulder, she wasn’t expecting that from him either.  This is huge for Daryl, who, as we’ve already established numerous times, has issues with physical touching.  The fact that Daryl is comfortable enough with her to do that implies that a certain emotional wall has been broken between Carol and Daryl (which probably happened gradually during season 2 and 3).
  • When Daryl thinks that Carol is dead, he goes to her “grave” in private to place a folded up Cherokee rose on it.  He tenderly puts it down on the dirt, smoothes out the dirt with the letter “C” for Carol (which presumably Daryl did), and he touches the cross.  All of this care that he took to pay his respects to Carol (especially in private) suggests that he was very close to Carol.  In order for them to have become close, it is basically a given that Carol broke down some of Daryl’s walls.
  • When Daryl returns to the prison with Merle, Carol goes out of her way to welcome Daryl back and let him know that she’s happy that he decided to come back.  Later in the conversation, she says, “He [Merle] is your brother, but he’s not good for you.  Don’t let him bring you down.”  Daryl didn’t have any counterarguments when she told him that Merle is not good for him.  When other people have been critical of his brother (like Glenn or Rick), Daryl becomes very defensive and irritated.  Not so with Carol.  Arguably, Carol is one of very few people who could tell Daryl that without him tearing their head off.  This speaks volumes about how close they are, which is another piece of evidence that Carol has been breaking down his walls in between season 2 and season 3.
  • In the season 3 finale, Carol approaches Daryl as he’s sitting by Merle’s motorcycle.  After they share a brief exchange, Carol offers her hand to Daryl to help him stand up.  Daryl stares at it for a few seconds before he takes her hand and stands up.  He didn’t need her help to stand up.  Season 2 Daryl would have probably brushed her off for even trying to comfort him after what happened to Merle.  But that was not the case.  They continued to touch hands for a few more seconds before Carol walked away (and Daryl continued to look at her).  Another piece of evidence that Carol has been breaking down that wall.
  • In Season 4, episode 2, after the outbreak starts, there is a council meeting.  After the meeting, Carol and Daryl are left in the hallway and Daryl is about to go dig graves for the bodies, but he stops when he sees that Carol is worried and asks her if she’s all right.  Daryl stops what he’s doing to check on Carol and her emotional well-being.  If that’s not an indication that the emotional walls between them are down, I don’t know what is.
  • It’s possible that there are other examples of Carol breaking down Daryl’s walls that I missed, but I think the list of examples I provided should suffice to make my point.

5)  You said, “Get over yourselves.”

Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror.  I’m not the one who feels the need or inclination (and I’m not cowardly enough) to send anonymous hate mail to people who ship something different than myself.  I can respect people for shipping something different than myself without thinking that they are “delusional.” 

6)  You said, “Even Norman has admitted he ships Bethyl and calls Beth Daryl’s sunshine.”

First of all, you kind of have to take what Norman says with a grain of salt.  He says supportive things of several ships, including dixonne, caryl, and bethyl.  Secondly, even if it’s true that Norman “ships Bethyl” (and doesn’t want other ships to happen), that doesn’t mean that that’s the route that the writer’s will necessarily take.  Norman Reedus can’t dictate to the writer’s what storylines will happen in the show.  He may give some input, which the writers may or may not take into consideration, but it ultimately comes down to what the writers want to do.

PS-  For reference, here’s a full list of all the things Norman has said about caryl (most of which are supportive of the idea of it):

The quotes were compiled by the lovely imorca